Which Patient Needs Helicopter Call

Which Patient Needs Helicopter Call

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  • Preventable death, windowless time, trauma, golden hour, stroke, 3 hours, door to balloon, 90 minutes, 21 grams.
  • Is land ambulance always enough.
  • If rapid transport, time dependent and special approaches needed diseases on land, propeller must start spinning.
  • Let’s talk about the features of the patients who should be transported by air.
  • ST segment elevated clogged coronary arteries, intensive care trauma needed patients and thrombolytic strokes have helicopter transport benefits.
  • Minor trauma patient with bleeding control is suitable for ground services but high falls, car crash patient who jumped from car or multitrauma motorcycle man must see the land on air.
  • So what would be the wrong choice for propeller.
  • The answer contains plenty of comments. Time dependent state is need for speed, but our words for trauma patients. Even if the low energy trauma, elderly with warfarin on blood should be considered a time dependent.
  • As a result, speed needed, potential of losing organ and with major trauma appropriateness criteria patients are candidates for air transport.

Biewener A, Aschenbrenner U, Rammelt S, et al. Impact of helicopter transport and hospital level on mortality of polytrauma patients. J Trauma 2004;56:94-8.

Çağdaş Can M.D, Merkezefendi State Hospital, Emergency Medicine, Manisa, Turkey

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